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Scottish Free Range Christmas Galloway Goose

We are now taking orders for our Scottish Free Range Galloway Goose for Christmas.

All of our Geese are free range and a reared on our own farm.  They are allowed to roam free on the farm and are fed our own home grown barley.  At night they are housed in our straw barn.  We DRY PLUCK all of our birds here at laughtmuirside Farm.  "What is the difference" is not doubt what you are now asking!??

Well, a dry plucked bird is a lot more labour intensive - it's the old traditional method of processing poultry  - When you dry pluck it means that the birds are not wet (i will get onto that) and that means that the bird can hang for a lot longer! - by hanging i mean in the chiller - hanging matures the bird - this deepens the flavour - making your Goose a lot more Tasty! it also means that you get the weight that you pay for as there is not a lot of moisture - such as water - being held in the bird.

To briefly touch on it - Wet Plucking is a more modern method - where the carcass is put in a machine - a bit like a washing machine and tumbled around until all of the feathers come off - the result is obviously a wet carcass which means that the bird will not have a long shelf life - as the microbial growth is quicker - and it can't hang long.  The benefits of wet plucking are that you need a lot less labour (we have a team of 5 plucking 8 hours a day!) and the birds have a much smoother and tidier finish (harldy any feathers on them).

How do you tell the difference? Dry plucked birds will not have as smooth a finish like wet plucked ones - very often there will be a the odd wee tiny feather or two that the plucking team just couldn't get to! That's the first give away!  Secondly the skin of your bird should be nice and dry and lat but not least it will have a lot more flavour when you eat it.

To be sure however i would reccomend that you always buy a bird from a local farmer rearing them for Christmas it is unlikely they will have the mass scale equipment large scale wholesalers and processors do - very often you will find that they do not rear a mass of birds, they will most definitely be free range and probably fed grain from the farm.  They might cost a little more (ironically) but they will no doubt have purchased goods and employed people locally people to process them.

Scheduled Christmas Deliveries are as Follows:

Courier Delivery - friday 20th or saturday 21st or Tuesday the 24th of December 2019

farm collection - Monday 23rd December 4 - 5pm


Goose serves 4 people

£49.00 / Goose serves 4 approx

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Goose serves 4 people

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