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Christmas Cooking Recipes

3 Bird Roast

When your bird is delivered please check the vacum bag.  If the bag is nice and tight your bird can be popped in the fridge - check the vacum bag every day, if the bag is loose (air in the bag) you will have to pop your bird in the freezer as it will not keep as the vacum seal has gone.

All of our birds are made fresh and can be frozen.

Defrost for 24 hours before cooking

pre heat your oven to 190 degrees C (180 degrees C) for fan assisted

Place bird in a roasting tray and half a pint of water and giblets if making own gravy

Cover Bird loosely with foil

cook for 40 mins per kg 

remove the foil for the last 20 mins to crisp the bird an bacon up and baste with the pan juices

you can use the pan juices to make your own gravy.

The best possible way to ensure your bird is properly cooked is to use a temperature probe

the internal temperature of the bird should be at least 75 degrees C or above.

Always wash your hands after handling raw poultry ant thoroughly wash any utensils and work surfaces.


Remove the fat and giblets

The shelf life of your goose is the 25th of December if your are not using your goose on Christmas day it will need to be frozen. 

All of our birds are fresh and can be frozen.

Defrost thoroughly 24 hours in advance before cooking if your bird has been frozen.

For a recipe  to cook your goose i would reccommend the Nigela Lawson Bohemian Roast Goose Recipe in her Feast Book - it is absolutely amazing!

As a guide however

Place your goose on a roasting rack in your roasting tray

Cover loosely with foil

Cook for 20 minutes per lb plus 20 minutes

Please remember to adjust cooking times if you are stuffing your bird to include the weight of the stuffing!

uncover in the last 20 minutes to allow the skin to go crispy.

A valuable part of your bird is the goose fat.  The fat included with your bird is for your raost potaotes pop this at a high heat in the oven to render - the fat will melt and you can use this to roast your potatoes - do not discard this fat you can pop it in ramekins or jam jars and it will keep to be used again

You will need to remove the fat from your goose as it is cooking also - i use a turkey baster to suck it up and then pop it straight into ramekins.

The goose fat is very valuable and infact costs as much as the bird so keep it and use it all year round for cooking with.


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